Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Landscape and Green Spaces Conference

Just a quick heads-up of a forthcoming Conference held by the Centre for West Midlands History Landscape and Green Spaces and entitled ‘Garden History in the West Midlands’.

The Conference runs over Saturday 29 March, is being held at the University of Birmingham.  The aim, to explore the garden history of the West Midlands.

More information and booking details can be found here

Friday, 7 February 2014

Joseph Hooker Videos

Just to follow up on my last post concerning Sir Joseph Hooker and the fact Kew has made his correspondence available online, there are also some excellent movie clips about this remarkable man available online also.

Made by Jupe Productions and Peter Donaldson there are eight great short films to watch:


The Joseph Hooker Correspondence Project

Another great result from Royal Botanic Garden, Kew where a team have been digitising and now make available online the Correspondence of Sir Joseph HookerHooker was true Victorian polymath who succeeded his father as the second Director of Kew, who was Charles Darwin's confidant, and who also plant hunted in Sikkim (and elsewhere).

This truly is a magnificent resource for garden and plant historians and botanists alike so do take a look at the website as it also has a whole lot more about the man and his work than just his letters.

There is even an article I wrote for Kew Magazine describing an expedition I made a few years back to north Sikkim to follow in Hooker's footsteps - a truly wonderful trip.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and there you can also download the article and read it at your leisure. 

Hooker had it on the nail when, in a letter to his father, he described the valley sides ablaze with Rhododendron flowers thus: 'The Mt sides here actually bloom white, scarlet, purple, pink, yellow no language can exaggerate their beauty.'

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Le Nôtre Exhibition

Hurry Up!  Last year us garden historians celebrated the 400th anniversary of André Le Nôtre's birth.  But the celebrations are going on and there is still time to catch an excellent exhibition 'Le Nôtre in Perspectives' on display at Versailles until 23 February next year.

All I can suggest is that you use this  as the best excuse to visit Versailles and Paris this winter, and for a brief preview check out this interactive brief.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The best gardening short courses for 2014

Many thanks to Ed Cumming (@edcumming) writing in the The Telegraph Gardening (@telegardening) for selecting my online garden history course as one of his best gardening short courses for 2014

The month-long course is hosted by My Garden School and begins on December 07.  Take a look here for more details and a taster of the class.  

For a review by a former student, check out Anastasia Abboud's blog, Our Ever-Changing Landscape.

Review of my Online Garden History Course

As I am sure you all are aware I teach a month-long online garden history course hosted by My Garden School.

A previous student, Anastasia Abboud, very kindly and unsolicited has posted this review of the course and her experiences on her great blog, Our Ever-Changing Landscape.

Thanks Anastasia!

Monday, 25 November 2013

The Body & Philosophy in the Garden

Thanks to philosopher Damon Young (second from right) for writing up a report of The Body in the Garden Festival and posting on his blog, Darkly Wise, Rudely Great.
Damon is also the author of a splendid tome entitled Philosophy in the Garden - currently available here and to be published in the UK early in 2014.