Thursday 3 May 2012

Rare chance to visit Ammerdown House gardens in Somerset

The gardens of Ammerdown House were designed by Arts and Crafts architect Sir Edwin Lutyens in 1902 to complement the house by James Wyatt (1788.)  Still owned by the Joliffe family, the private gardens will be open to the public on Monday 07 May between 11am and 5pm (and again on Monday 27 August) in aid of charity. 

The gardens are 10 miles south of Bath on the B3139 at Kilmersdon in Somerset - directions and more information can be found on this Parks and Gardens UK entry.

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  1. Back in 2004 I did some research on Ammerdown and in particular the Classical Gateway, which still stands to the east side of their former grounds alongside the Kilmersdon Road.
    This was the work of Thomas Robert Jolliffe (Rector of Babington) who lived at neighbouring Charlton House (1824 -1854) then in the same ownership.
    These most ornate gates and commemorative pillar date to c1850. Interesting motifs surround the gateway including laurel wreaths and forearms holding scimitars.
    However mystery still surrounds two 12 pointed stars that look like some sort of a medal or peculiar variation on a Maltese Cross, which would not have been very suitable for a High Anglican clergyman !
    The current owner Andrew Joliffe would like to know more if anyone locally fancies checking it out.

    Richard Webber, Bristol