Monday 10 September 2012

Congratulations to the Bishop's Garden in Norwich

Photo: Diocese of Norwich
Hidden in the centre of Norwich between St Martin at Palace Plain and the Cathedral is the historic Bishop's Garden of the Diocese of Norwich, and ITV News reports that the garden Open Days have raised a whopping £18,000 for charity - this in spite of an awful summer's weather.

According to the ITV website: 'There has been a garden of sorts since around 1100 AD when Bishop de Losinga began to build the cathedral and palace. The original detailing of Norman stonework on the North Transept of the cathedral which is only visible from the Bishops Garden.  In the early 14th century, Bishop John Salmon greatly increased the size of the garden by compulsory purchase of additional land. He pushed Bishopgate northwards, thereby extending the grounds to their present size. The high walls that still survive were built nearly 700 years ago. He was also responsible for the large hall that was added to a grand porch way. This ruin still stands in the garden and is known as Bishop Salmons Porch.'

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  1. From Charlotte Frost
    Ooo. Looks like one of my favourites, the Bishop's Palace Garden at Chichester.