Friday 1 February 2013

Painshill Conference 2013

The conference to be held at Painshill on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th October 2013 will discuss ‘Gardens of Association: the Roles and Meanings of Garden Buildings in Eighteenth Century Landscapes’.  Specifically, it will explore the ways in which garden buildings have been interpreted from their time of creation to the modern day, and how they relate to the landscapes in which they are placed.   Consideration will also be given to how such assessments can be used in the restoration and conservation of buildings in historic landscapes.

The conference will be chaired by Tim Richardson and speakers include: Michael Cousins, Oliver Cox, Dr. Patrick Eyres, Michael Gove, Dr. Richard Hewlings, Dr. Sally Jeffery, Linda Keightley, Dr. Wendy Monkhouse, Trevor Proudfoot, Dr. Sarah Rutherford, Jean Stone, Michael Symes, Richard Wheeler and David Wrightson.

Tickets on sale now: full conference: £175, early bird booking before 31st March 2013: £160 and students: £160.

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