Tuesday 12 February 2013

The John Tradescants

John Tradescant the Elder
A great post from Early American Gardens about the father-and-son plant hunters and gardeners the Johns Tradescants  Also illustrated with some lovely images (I especially love the red squirrel!)  Take a read and learn about these pioneering and highly influential men who worked in the early to mid-17th century.

Both father and son are buried in the churchyard, or rather now the garden of the Garden Museum in London.

And for the record, posterity has cheated the Tradescants badly.  The Ark or collection of curiosities built up by them, and especially by the father was 'acquired' on the son's death by Elias Ashmole.  It subsequently became the core of what is now the Ashmolean Museum (the link offers its version of its origins) which for my money should be called the Tradescantia.  More on this injustice of history here!

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