Thursday 1 August 2013

Mughal Gardens of Kashmir

The water channel at Nishat Bagh (Photo: Jan Haenraets, 2011).

Great post from Jill Sinclair on her a landscape lover's blog focusing on the Mughal gardens in Kashmir and the work currently being undertaken to preserve and conserve them.
The remains of the Oont Kadal in Dal Lake at Nishat Bagh (Photo: Jan Haenraets, 2010).
The post features an interview with Dr Jan Haenraets who is working on the conservation work, and who also wrote a fascinating article 'Rediscovering the Mughal Gardens of Kashmir'.

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  1. Toby, thanks for the reference. The gardens as you know are both exquisite and historically very significant. I'm pleased to be helping to publicise the current restoration work.
    For those who are interested, the next Historic Gardens Review will carry an update on progress, and the summer edition of the online gardening magazine Soiled and Seeded will feature a short piece (co-authored with conservation architect Saima Iqbal) on the historical planting schemes.