Saturday 3 August 2013

William & Thomas Lobb

Volcano Llaima With Monkey Puzzle Tree Conguillio National Park Chile
I am undertaking some research into the life and works of the Cornish plant hunters William and Thomas Lobb, who plant hunted for the Veitch nursery in north and south American, and India and south east Asia respectively.

I have a pretty good feel for what, where and why they were working but there is a dearth of archive material, in particular their records / diaries written in-country and the Veitch company records of both London and Exeter branches have disappeared.  Possibly up in smoke in the Blitz.

If anyone has any records of or about Veitch and /or the Lobbs, or knows someone who may, would you be kind enough to drop me a line.  Thank you so.

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  1. I found some great material about Veitch when I was researching the Arnold Arboretum archives while learning about E.H. Wilson's trips to China.

    When I started following some of the names, I stumbled on the most interesting book about Veitch nursery at this link It describes the history of the firm and family.