Wednesday 18 April 2012

Does any one know anything about the gardens at Cefntilla Court?

Cefntilla Court.  Photo attrib. Andy Dolman

The Garden History Society has posted a request for information about the gardens of Cefntilla Court (the link is to a Wikipedia article) near Usk in Monmouthshire.  The Court together with 63.5 acres has been put up for sale by the heirs of Lord Raglan (of Charge of the Light Brigade fame / infamy) for £2 million.  

And according to sale documents 'a large drawing room looks out over the immaculate landscaped gardens, with a pond, an ornamental bridge and a row of yew topiary clipped into apple and pear shapes.'

If any one knows more, please do drop me a line or contact the GHS.  Thank you.

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  1. We know Cefntilla well, but have told GHS that and they haven't got in touch with us. Do you know what they'd like to know?

    Have done at least one article about it and OH has professional photographs of garden.