Monday 16 April 2012

Top 10 Gardens

A list of the world's top 10 gardens is offered by The National.  I am sure we can all put together a similar list, and I just did.  But its not that easy to whittle down from thousands of gardens to just ten.  From those I have visited and for what it is worth here is my top 10 historic gardens - in no particular order.  Would love to hear your thoughts and favourites:

1    El Novillero
2    Stourhead
3    Villa d'Este
4    Ryoan-ji
5    The Lingering Garden
6    Chatsworth
7    La Granja
8    Vaux-le-Vicomte
9    Ram Bagh
10  Rousham


  1. Not Rousham again!!!???
    Sigh... Well, this helps me understand why it leaves me relatively cold

    1. Thanks for the comment, Anne, and sorry the R-word does nothing for you. I still hold it is a top garden both as an historical entity and because most times as a visitor you can experience it as a landscape should be. Without throngs of other visitors. For me this lack of distraction helps me to get 'inside' and understand the landscape.