Friday 14 December 2012

North Stoneham Park in Danger - Please Help

Whether you like 'Capability' Brown or not, the fact you know his name and are reading this signifies you have an interest in garden history.

Now, a campaign requires your support to help preserve an historic landscape from 'development'.  I would rather use the word 'vandalism'.

North Stoneham Park in Hampshire is, yes, a Capability Brown landscape - a fine one, and ond one that  Eastleigh Borough Council wishes to concrete over in the name of 1,300 commuter homes. 

Friends of North Stoneham Park are fighting the proposals and need your support.  Get in touch by email and offer you help / support / comments, write to your MP and vociferously complain against such destruction of our national heritage, and please sign the petition and encourage others to do so too.  

Thank you.

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