Monday 10 December 2012

The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Botanic Garden
I know this blog is predominantly concerned with garden history, but history has to start somewhere and it is always nice to report on contemporary projects that are going to have a long term legacy.

Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Botanic Garden
One such is the  Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, which founded in 1988 'is transforming 460 acres just 20 minutes outside the city into a world-class botanic garden, including 18 distinct gardens, five diverse woodland experiences, an enhanced visitor’s center, an amphitheater for outdoor concerts and performances, a celebration center to accommodate large outdoor or indoor weddings and corporate events, and a center for botanic research.' The vision of the garden is stated in the masterplan.
The Vision of the FuturePhoto Credit: Pittsburgh Botanic Garden
It should be noted that the botanic garden is NOT OPEN for general admission at this time but there are scheduled 'Peek and Preview' events and tours which can be booked via the Botanic Garden's website, where you can also find a full history of the story so far.

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