Friday 17 February 2012


Thanks to Sally O' Halloran of the Department of Landscape at University of Sheffield for bringing this to my attention.

This year snowdrop-fever seems to have infected a whole lot of people.  And I have to confess a partiality myself. But not at this cost:

Last month a collector paid £360 ($565) for a bulb of 'Green Tear' but yesterday on Ebay a single bulb of Galanthus woronowii 'Elizabeth Harrison', which has 'a special yellow ovary and two yellow marks on the sinus' was sold for a staggering £725.10 ($1,138.65). The Mail Online has more....

Will the galanthomania reach the heady heights of tulipomania, when in 1635 a house in Hoorn, Holland was exchanged for three tulip bulbs and a single bulb of the most sought-after cultivar 'Semper Augustus' would cost you 5,000 guilders?

Watch this space...!

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