Thursday 2 February 2012

Mission Garden Recreation

There is an interesting project afoot in Tuscon Arizona which aims to recreate The Mission Garden, the Spanish Colonial walled garden that was part of the historic San Agustin Mission.

Image from San Agustín Mission Garden brochure
Being organised by the Friends of Tuscon's Birthplace and rebuilt on its original site (located west of downtown Tucson at the corner of Mission Rd and Mission Ln), the Mission Garden features heirloom plants and living and Timeline Gardens.

The latter are inspired by recent archaeological excavations  at the foot of Sentinel Peak, a site known as Tjuk Shon (A mountain) sacred to the O’odham, which have revealed a fascinating story.  This floodplain along the Santa Cruz River has a 4,100 year old history of agriculture, the longest known history of cultivation in the United States.

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  1. The GWA (Garden Writers Assoc) will be having it's annual conference in Tuscon Oct 12-15, 2012! Come and see this garden & others. Any garden 'communicator' is welcome- you don't have to be a writer.