Friday 10 February 2012

Garden History Course at Hadlow College

Just in case you didn't see the comment from thesunking, Hadlow College near Tonbridge in Kent is  running a new garden history course lsting 15 weeks and commencing February 22nd.  The course description states that the it is:

''Designed for those people with an interest in garden design history, this course incorporates some classroom based theory together with visits to a variety of historic gardens.  These visits will bring to life everything which has been learnt in the classroom.  Beginning with the gardens of ancient Egypt, you will look at all the major styles - including Italian renaissance, French baroque and post Abstract - as well as the key players within garden design history.  In addition to an understanding of the key characteristics of each style, students will gain an insight into the political, social or economic factors of the time which were the catalyst for the design.'

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