Saturday 4 February 2012

Lilies, Gumboots, Lesbians & the National Trust

Not perhaps words you would immediately associate, unless you were having a particularly arduous time with your therapist.  However, Robin Lane Fox's article in this Saturday's Financial Times, based on his conversation with the National Trust's chairman Sir Simon Jenkins. It makes for interesting reading, especially as Lane Fox manages to get into the piece two mentions of sex!

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  1. I also love English gardens, all sorts...not only Italian.

    But its something else that influence you, its the beauty that makes you feel good. But I´m not surprises if a British garden journalist involves sex in an article of gardens. In Britain they ARE crazy about gardens.

    I have also written a book of English gardens, but its only published in Swedish, my native language ... so far. I have travelled a lot in south of England looking for the most beautiful ones, 25 of them are described in the book together with history of the gardens and the creators. Next perhaps will take some 4-5 years before that research is finished.

    So yes, I´m also kind of obsessed.
    Ann Laras