Friday 10 February 2012

A VIP Mughal Garden to Visit in Delhi

Image from the President of India website
If you happen to find yourself in New Dehli in the next month then you are in for a treat.  The Hindistani Times reports that starting today and until March 15 there is a wonderful opportunity to visit  the gardens of the  Rashtrapati Bhavan or President's Palace.

As part of the now-controversial development by the British of New Delhi as the new capital,  the palace and gardens were designed from 1912 by Sir Edwin Lutyens to be the residence of the Governor-General.  

Comprising the main garden (above), the terrace garden, the long or purdah garden, and the circular or sunken  garden style, the overall style is an harmonious mix of Mughal and English influences, all stamped with that indelible 'Lutyens-ness'.  The ingenuous mix of geometry, levels and features together with an awareness of space, place and materials that makes his gardens instantly recognisable.

The entry and exit into the gardens is regulated from Gate No. 35 of the President's Estate, which is located near the North Avenue, at the western end of the Church Road. 

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