Thursday 9 February 2012

Garden History Day Classes

Image from CUBG website
Over the coming months Cambridge University Botanic Garden is holding four day classes on garden history.  The first three to presented by Dr Twigs Way, the last by Dr Patrick Harding.  The dates and titles are:

20 April  Artists or architects? Exploring Edwardian garden designers

25 May  From borders to walls, via rose gardens and rills
22 June  Art and the Edwardian garden

13 July  Go East young man: the Edwardian love affair 
                for Sino-Himalayan plants
The costs are £30 each for the first three and £50 for the last one. 

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  1. Hadlow College near Tonbridge Kent are also running a new garden history course from Feb 22nd. The course runs over 15 weeks with 4 weekend visits to historic gardens in England. The history of gardens is covered from the Egyptains to the present day.
    Hadlow are trying to raise the profile of garden history through this course and a series of evening lectures on garden history topics. The students will also be able to go on fully guided study tours to Europe. Stephen has more details and can be contacted on 01732-853283.