Thursday 16 February 2012

Nursery Gardens - Gardening in the Thames-side Parishes 1650-1850

One of the aspects of garden history that is particularly over-looked is the market and nursery garden.  For sure, they are not as glamorous as Duke-this and Earl-that's huge ornamental garden complementing an equally vast pile in the country.

Yet, they are equally fascinating, and one of their 'problems' is that in many cases there is no surviving evidence.  For practical reasons such gardens were located on the periphery of cities, and were subsequently obliterated as urban centers sprawled.

Thank goodness, therefore, for dedicated garden historians who research and publish on these fascinating gardens.  I have mentioned Malcolm Thick in a previous post, and here I should like to introduce Val Bott and her excellent  blog 'Nursery Gardens - Gardening in the Thames-side Parishes 1650-1850'.  Do take a look and immerse yourselves in a fascinating world.

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